100 Posts in 113 days


What happens when you post blog entries at a clip of nearly a post per day? In truth, you get a lot of good advice from around the globe, and you learn a lot about writing, blogging, and yourself too.

Here is a short (?) list of what you can learn from my experience, and also some things you can only learn from yourself:

1. There are a lot of blogs on your subject out there.
– You’ll be shocked and amazed at the quality of some of the work out there, and a little surprised at how quickly some folks gave up. Don’t give up!

2. Figuring out a way to stand out is not easy.
– Nearly 4 months in and I’m still working on this one.

3. FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter are not enough.
– But, I agree with some others that a fan page on FaceBook is important, I also use the networkedblogs app on FaceBook to automate putting my posts there. Plus, with WordPress I have automated posting my blog entries to LinkedIn too.

4. You MUST review your material from time-to-time.
– There are some posts I look back on and can’t believe I wrote. Oh, I do mean that in a good way. Those older posts also spark ideas for new posts, articles, and professional speeches.

5. As soon as possible, refine some articles for article banks online. Try to put something out there weekly.
– I’m liking www.ezinearticles.com right now. My site is http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Rob_Christeson

What do I think you can only learn by doing it yourself?

1. You are a writer.
– I know you don’t believe it, that is why you have to get started and see.

2. You will get better.
– Just doing it will start that process. Like anything in life, if you want it to happen you will make it happen.

3. You have a ton of experiences.
– And they can be fun to remember, but I understand maybe some of them won’t be.

4. Writing every day can be good for you, but Blogging evey day is just plain hard.
– Do not commit to posting every day, just commit to writing every day. If it takes you a week to create your post, then that is okay. 

Personally, when I started this blog I worried about a few things: Will there be any value to the world? If there is, will anyone even know? Will I be able to keep moving forward? It turns out that the hardest part was moving past deciding and actually getting started. After that hurdle, it seems like those questions faded out of existence and I just had fun doing it.

I’ve also found that I enjoy doing the book reviews, although a weekly schedule for that was also a bit aggressive. I have actually heard from a couple of the authors who I reviewed…so that was pretty cool. In fact, next month I’m getting an advance copyof Seth Godin’s new book, Linchpin. I’ll be posting a review as soon as I can after receiving it.  

What do the next 100 posts hold? Great question! I’m learning that I like getting user requests, and I have a couple in the queue that I’m working on now including a leadership tip called “How to be a better boss in 10 minutes a day” that will be out soon, and a Toastmasters-related post called “Not everyone wants your evaluation”.

Here are some recent posts that were by request:

Speaking Tips: Confidence vs. Comfort

Speaking Tips: Using Notes

Speaking Tips: Meeting Expectations

Send me your requests either as a comment or via e-mail , and I’ll work to put them on the blog. I’m not ready to quit this ride just yet…

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