Month: August 2009

THE Secret to Success

Did you open this post hoping to find the one true secret to success? I have a different secret for you...there is no one way, secret or otherwise, to do [...]

Move forward

I used to tell my troops in the Air Force that they should always seek to progress in their professional development. Even when you have a period of time where [...]

A good quote is worth a thousand words

Need a quote for your next party? Here are some that you may find useful, along with one perception of what they mean: Craig Valentine "What got you here [...]

Done is more profitable than perfect!

How's that whole "procrastination" thing working out for you? More specifically, do you find yourself letting the pursuit of perfection (even [...]

37-second rule

Have you heard that, based on the way the human brain is wired, you only have 37 seconds to capture an idea before it's lost...possibly forever? I heard this [...]

Not to be confused

If you've ever posted a blog, and then the next day thought "what was that about?", welcome to my day today. Why did I call my post "Ace your Introduction", [...]

Ace your Opening

Imagine yourself standing in front of a room full of people, all waiting for you to begin your presentation. Now imagine that you begin with the words "Did you [...]

Looking for “no”

Raise your hand if you've dealt with someone who won't take yes for an answer. If it was you, keep your hand up until the end of the post. After last night's [...]

Productivity is not overrated

Have you ever looked at the clock on a Sunday night and wondered "Was this a productive weekend?" Welcome to my Sunday. As I stare at my copy of Money Talks by [...]

Build the Foundation

I had the good fortune to read a survey question recently that asked "if the speaker had stayed on agenda and met his goal". I say good fortune in the same [...]