Month: September 2009

Speaking Tips: Don’t do it all alone

As a member of Toastmasters, I've had the good fortune to have many experienced speakers provide me with guidance, feedback, and advice. Toastmasters uses the [...]

Public Speaking: Editing for Speakers

What is the difference between writing and editing? For the purpose of this post, and to help draw a contrast to yesterday's post "Writing for Speakers", I'll [...]

Public Speaking: Writing for Speakers

Should a speech be written before it is practiced and presented? I've heard a variety of answers to that question, and I've even made different choices in my [...]

Contest Speeches

I had the good fortune to be able to watch 3 Toastmasters contests today, and I saw some outstanding humorous speeches. What I saw made me laugh,and it made me [...]

Beware: The Title

I was speaking to a friend last night who was advising me to think about using titles for my posts that would be more keyword-friendly (I'm paraphrasing). I [...]

On course?

When it comes to your future, do you feel that you are on the right course, or are you "all over the map"? When I was working on my pilot's license last [...]

It’s okay to take a break

Do you know why games like reversi and solitare (and later minesweeper) have been included with the Windows operating systems? The short version is that [...]

I’m not reading fast enough

How many books do you read per week? Per month? Per year? I'm told that once Americans finish school, on average, they read less than one non-fiction book [...]

Break the rule?

Wow, With the best of intentions, it took me very little effort to completely ignore the rule about providing benefits to the reader in yesterday's post. What [...]

News about newsletters

When I started my website up a couple of months ago, I intended to include a monthly newsletter as a part of the plan. You may or may not know that I have not [...]