Month: September 2009


What interest rate would you charge someone to lend them your credibility for a day, or even 5 minutes? If you aren't sure about the value of your credibility [...]

The Lifelong Learning Trap

Raise your hand if you think that there has to be an instructor, a classroom, and a fee for lifelong learning to happen for you. Have you fallen into the trap [...]

Seize the Advantage

When is the last time you heard someone ask, "Tell me what's going well today?" It can be easier to focus on all of the negativity out there. The news tells [...]

Make a Promise

What's the best way to make sure you get across the message you want/need to convey? Simple...Make a Promise. Before you begin writing a single line, the [...]

Less talk…more quotes

Ready for another dose of quality quotes for your fantasy football draft? Here are some that you may find useful, along with one perception of what they [...]

More Moving Forward

Do you ever struggle with moving forward on your personal or professional goals? How about completing them? I'm not talking about New Years Resolutions here, [...]

The Back Cover of my Book

Are you wondering how I can have a back cover to a book that isn't written yet? Some folks will tell you that it's an important exercise to write the back [...]

3-dimensional winner

How do you prepare when you're going to give a presentation at work? Imagine that you have a 20 minute talk to give, and your plan is to just step on the stage [...]

I have nothing

Have you ever come home from a day in the life, and realized your tank was pretty much empty? If I could pay $2.39 for a gallon of thought right now, I'd be [...]