Month: November 2009

Start that Resolution Today!

Do you know why we "wait" for the fist day of the new year to declare a resolution? There are quite a few theories out there, some of which are better than [...]

Book Review: World Class Speaking

  I picked this book up after hearing the author and other World Champions of Public Speaking on a CD set I had purchased last year. All of those on the CD [...]

Black Friday: The power of preparation

Did you wake up at 4am on Black Friday to get a jump on the holiday shopping? You may thing that only a crazy few of us were out there driving in the dark, but [...]

Welcome to the New Page

As of today, 27 Nov, I've moved my blog over to the URL, instead of being on Wordpress' site. This is still a wordpress blog, but now [...]

Speaking Tips: Using Notes

Have you ever heard someone tell you that you shouldn't use notes in a speech? It almost sounds impossible, doesn't it? Imagine having to give a lengthy [...]

Speaking Tips: Meeting Expectations

At this weekend's Toastmasters District 22 Fall Conference in Topeka Kansas, many people had the opportunity to see some outstanding presentations, [...]

Book Review: On Hold

With the Toastmasters Conference this weekend, this week's book review will be a couple of days late....stay [...]

The Drive to Topeka

I just received Darren LaCroix's two new CDs, Secrets from a World Champion Speaker Coach and Speak Outside of Your Club for Fun, Profit, and Club Building. [...]

Book Review: What the Dog Saw

Over the past week or so, I've been reading the CD version of Malcolm Gladwell's newest book, What the Dog Saw in my car. If you're a fan of Gladwell's, you [...]

Speaking about ACE your Conclusion

Wednesday evening I gave an 8-minute speech titled ACE your Conclusion for my Toastmaster's club, the Boeing Acievers #3990. Take a look right here. The [...]