Month: December 2009

Happy New Year

2009 was a year of ups and downs for many people. How do you plan to improve things in 2010? If you have some SMART goals for 2010, then you're on the right [...]

It is not their fault

Are you having trouble connecting with your audience? Maybe it's not all their fault. Seth Godin says "if your target audience isn't listening to your [...]

Planned Spontaneity

How do you handle the need to speak off-the-cuff? Whether it's at a holiday party, a bosses request for a status report, or a job interview question you were [...]

The value of a DTM award

Is it worth your time to pursue a DTM award through Toastmasters? This is a question many active Toastmaster members struggle with, and it surprises me how [...]

The Need for Authority

You should read Authority Rules, the 10 Rock Solid Elements of Effective Online Marketing by Brian Clark of CopyBlogger fame. I don't care if you're into [...]

The value of free content

Are you tired of "free content" that leaves you needing to buy something to really get the value? There seems to be a number of different marketing ideas out [...]

PowerPoint success

Are you struggling with the question of how best to use PowerPoint in your next presentation? Not long ago, I was one of those many out there who thought I [...]

Making up lost time

Ever lost a week of your life to a silly illness? For me, it hasn't been a whole week, but from Wednesday through Saturday I've been unable to get anything of [...]

Book Review: Guerrilla Marketing

Last week, I mentioned this book in another review, so I thought I should give this a bit more than just lip service. Guerrilla Marketing, 4th edition is quite [...]

Remarkable and Awesome Blogs

Every now and then I find someone else's blog that flat out impresses me. Today, one of my friends at work told me about a blog that I will talk about [...]