Month: January 2010

Book Review: The Harper Book of Quotations

Every now and then, a good book may be a reference book you can turn to again and again. If you are a person who writes or speaks, you need to have a [...]

Speaking Tips: 3 myths that hold you back

You may find yourself held back by these common myths. Each of these applies to any type of speaking, as well as speaking in Toastmasters. Read on, and learn [...]

Bonus Post: Linchpin out today!

I wrote a book review last week on Seth Godin's New Book, Linchpin - Are you Indispensable? This book is out today, and is now available at Amazon or your [...]

Speaking Tips: How to be Brief

After I wrote my post on why you should be brief, I received a request for a more practical "how to" series to improve your writing and speaking by being [...]

Book Review: Not everyone gets a trophy

Reading this book was a result of seeing and meeting the author at the Toastmasters International convention in August. Bruce Tulgan gave a great presentation [...]

Speaking Tips: Brief wins

If you have a choice between being brief and being wordy, which do you choose? Maybe a better question is, do you prefer to listen to someone who is wordy, or [...]

The Cost of Losing Business

What happens when you make things too automatic for your customers, and an annoying error occurs? Answer: You could lose the sale. In the last few [...]

Book Review: Linchpin

I'm not going to lie to you. When I received the opportunity to be one of the first to receive Seth Godin's new book, Linchpin - Are you Indispensable? [...]

The Power of Coaching – the speech

Tonight's speech was called The Power of Coaching, and was directed at Toastmaster members looking to help out their clubs, and help other clubs be more [...]

Planned Spontaneity – the speech

Tonight I gave a 9-minute speech on the subject of planned spontaneity, or the art of being ready to speak off-the-cuff. This was based on my post a couple of [...]