Month: January 2010

Book Review: Small is the New Big

Another gem by Seth Godin, Small is the New Big is a series of riffs (which could be translated as blogs or short stories - Merriam-Webster defines riff as a [...]

PowerPoint failure

What do you do when PowerPoint fails? Here's the good news: PowerPoint never fails. The bad news, only you (the presenter) can fail. That is, of course, from [...]

Speaking tips: Using your Hands

Using hand gestures can be problematic for some speakers. Even award-winning speakers sometimes wonder what do to with their hands, especially when they are [...]

Colorful Language – Pro’s and Con’s

Is it appropriate to use colorful (i.e. foul) language in your communications, i.e. when quoting someone else? This question came to me recently from a friend [...]

Book Review: Laugh and Get Rich

One of the things I like to do is read books written by people I know. Darren LaCroix impressed me with his Get Paid to Speak by Next Week program and [...]

Find your story…Impress your friends

Are you ready to tell your story when the opportunity presents itself? In previous posts, I’ve talked about the importance of finding your story to be [...]

Victory in the New Year!

Hey human! Is your new year's resolution firmly in place? I'd hate to think of you sitting there on your couch, starting this wonderful new year with out any [...]