Month: February 2010

Writing Tips: The Weekly Column

This week I'm going to add something new to the blog: The weekly column. Starting early next week, I'm going to do a weekly post on a series of topics. The [...]

Speaking Tips: Sharpen up your opening

Are you having trouble with deciding what to say first when you have to speak? Here's the tip of the day: Go directly into your content. No preamble, no [...]

Speaking Tips: Tie it Together

I was reading another interesting blog called The Edited Life. There was a post recently called Fire the gun based on a quote that you may find [...]

Book Review: Meatball Sundae

Another great Marketing book by author Seth Godin, Meatball Sundae asks the question right off the bat, "Is your marketing out of sync?" To help you [...]

Speaking Tips: Selecting a Topic

Have you found yourself with an opportunity to give a presentation, and no idea what to talk about? Maybe you are trying to decide on that next Toastmasters [...]

Speaking tips: Stop telling me about “I”

Do you want to avoid an easy and common mistake in presenting your views? One thing that too many speakers do is use “I” focused sentences. You know what [...]

Adult Learning: Pick a day to add a skill

How do you normally move forward in your personal (or professional) development goals? Here is a thought: Pick an hour to block out one evening a week. Call [...]

Writing Tips: Too many good Blogs

Once again I've been surprised by some killer content. I recently posted on my woes with customer service at a well-known blog. I was looking for help with my [...]

Book Review: Super Freakonomics

Super Freakonomics, by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner is a interesting and entertaining follow-on to the original Freakonomics. The underlying theme, that [...]

Customer Service: I’ll get back to you

What is the difference between someone who cares about their customers and someone who doesn't? Is it "being the boss", or "having a heart"?   One difference [...]