Month: April 2010

Don’t drink and post

When is the worst time to write a blog post? I'm not sure if this is the top one, but sitting in a hotel lounge in Kansas City with a group of Toastmasters at [...]

The Need to Fail

I'm starting to see why so many blogs fail in that critical 6-12 month timeframe. At first, it was tough to see; there are so many blogs with a short span on [...]

Never enough time

Have you ever found yourself in a room with some folks you wanted to talk to, and you can't get everything done you hoped to? You're working the room, where [...]

How do you prepare?

The night before a big event, how do you prepare? - Sleep: more, less or normal? - Food: eat or fast? - Practice: yes or no? What is your best [...]

Writing Tips: The Brain Dump

Are you struggling for a topic for your next college paper, staff meeting, or pending speaking opportunity? One of the ways to get a number of ideas on the [...]

Quick Speaking Tip: Stand on the right

When you are using a PowerPoint show, or other item that the audience will be reading, be sure to stand to their right of the projection (as much as [...]

Make your meeting time useful

Authors, trainers and other random humans have made a living talking about what is wrong with corporations and their bureaucratic processes. One fan favorite [...]

Toastmasters: Lessons good and bad

What important things have you learned about Public Speaking, Leadership, and Networking this last year? Were there any pieces of advice that turned out to be [...]

Book Review: Buy-ology

Matrin Lindstrom has put together an intriguing study of how we think with regard to our purchase decisions. Using some state-of-the-art medical [...]