Month: June 2010

Speechwriting: The Introduction Primer

How do you craft an introduction for a speech? One method: Use the three phases of speaking: Know Your Self List all of your attributes that make you a [...]

Toastmasters: 2 pages = a speech

A friend of mine (I'll call him Paul) made this comment to me last night: "You know, it just takes two pages to make a speech." He was referencing that we [...]

Too many ideas

I love hearing great ideas. But more than that, I need to hear great ideas backed up with an action plan, a person to lead the charge and a team ready to [...]

Book Review: The Six Figure Speaker

The Six Figure Speaker, Formula for a Six-Figure Income as a Professional Speaker was written by Cathleen Fillmore. It is a series of short, easy to digest [...]

Toastmasters: Adaptive Speaking

Judges training today in Springfield was a lot of fun. No...No...I haven't been drinking. Making a few adaptations on the fly really made the session go [...]

Toastmasters: Judges Training

Tomorrow at our District TLI in Springfield, I will be presenting the judges training. Here is my outline: 1. Contest Participants - Contest Chair - [...]

Toastmasters: Ideas and Thoughts

This is a quick compilation of some Marketing Posts from our District 22 Blog: A case for a strange idea - this post describes an idea to support low-member [...]

Speaking tips: The Power of Kryptonite

Krypton is probably the most famous planet that never really existed (with respect to fans of Vulcan). The concept of that piece of Superman's home world [...]

Find your message

Do you struggle to get your ideas heard and remembered? Maybe you are having trouble deciding what your core message is? Maybe you don't know that you need a [...]

Speechwriting: Creating an Introduction

This Thursday I'm giving a speech about how to create your own introduction. Key points: you provide the introduction to the MC (or Toastmaster). The [...]