Month: July 2010

Who are you again?

I was out driving a bit today, and I saw three separate Car Wash fundraisers going on. Something that I immediately noticed was that I couldn't tell where my [...]

What to Read?

This last year I've read a ton (at least a few pounds) of books, especially on marketing, the web, consulting, writing and speaking. I created some reviews on [...]

Toastmasters: The New CL Manual

Although I waited a week or so before ordering the new CL for myself, I now have a nice, new copy. On first look, I don't mind telling you I like it. That [...]

Customer Service – the Magic Words

Have you ever wondered what magic words you could use to get better customer service? I seem to remember, in the good ole days, my Grandfather telling me [...]

Book Review: the zen of social media marketing

Believe it. I'm still reading marketing books. the zen of social media marketing, An Easier Way to Build Credibility, Generate Buzz, and Increase Revenue is [...]

The write lesson at Starbucks

Are today's students learning the wrong lesson from college? I decided to try this Starbucks place everyone is talking about. No, it's not a flashback post. [...]

I actually think, therefore I actaully am

Have you actually heard how often people are using the word actually lately? Not just in regular life, but in the news and advertisements as well. Here's an [...]

Stuck in the middle

Are you stuck in the middle? Once again, I went off and read a blog that made me think. This blog, called The Fluent Self is written by Havi Brooks, who has a [...]

Writing the Icebreaker: Part three

In Part one, you learned the first steps to creating an Icebreaker speech; the first speech you will give in your Toastmasters club. In Part two, we took our [...]

Networking in person

Is everyone out there on LinkedIn? Facebook? Twitter? What about Digg? MySpace? Friendster? Squidoo? Should I go on? After all, there are more. Lots more. [...]