Month: August 2010

Toastmasters Convention – Accredited Speaker Update

In my post about Friday Afternoon's Accredited Speaker Program, I said "All of the speakers were good, but in my non-judge opinion, I would guess that Rochelle [...]

Toastmasters Convention – Golden Gavel Dinner

Carolyn. Kepcher. Delivered. What an amazing evening. Toastmasters International 2010 Golden Gavel recipient, Carolyn Kepcher gave a keynote speech to be [...]

Toastmasters Convention – Friday Afternoon

Now I owe more apologies than ever. I had to miss so many education sessions to do other specific things. I was really a bit bummed about missing some of [...]

Toastmasters Convention – Lunch with the Champs

I just had a really great time at the Champions Edge lunch here at the Convention. Mark Brown (1995), Darren LaCroix (2001) and Lance Miller (2005) were all in [...]

Toastmasters Convention – Friday Morning

Friday morning was reserved for the Candidate Showcases. This morning those of us serving as delegates (meaning we are carrying votes) for the business meeting [...]

Toastmasters Convention – Thursday Afternoon

This afternoon’s sessions were both really good. I always hate that I have to choose the sessions, and I feel the need to apologize to Rory Vaden (who I was [...]

Toastmasters Convention – Board of Directors meeting

Editors Note: This report is my unofficial take on the proceedings at the board meeting today. Check TI's Site for more information later on. Today the [...]

Toastmasters Convention – Opening Ceremonies

I was worried that I might not have much to blog about tonight, but I have to say, "Wow!" The opening ceremonies at the 2010 Toastmasters International [...]

Toastmasters: Training – Day two

The second day of training is over, and I think I speak for 248 Toastmasters when I say, "I am spent." Today's sessions were really great, and over the two [...]

Toastmasters: Training – Day one

The first day of District Trio training went well Tuesday. It was great to see some old friends (Srinivas from Chicago! - P27 if you are a member), and make [...]