Month: October 2010

Why you Engliz so poorly?

Have you received any of those Nigerian scam e-mails, where they offer you 20% of the cut if you support their totally legal transfer of $3 Million (or [...]

Book Review: Drive

You've no doubt read different theories about motivation. and you've probably heard different methods about how to motivate others and the opposing thought [...]

Toastmasters: Go to your conclusion

Have you ever heard a timer briefing that included this line: "...and when you see the green light, that means you are good to go...when you see the red [...]

Getting un-stuck

Do you ever feel like you are in a rut? Or maybe you're just stuck in one thing, like writing for your blog. Here are a few do's and don'ts for getting [...]

What is your worst experience?

Time for feedback! Do you have an example of someone doing a poor job as a speaker? What mistake did they make or what expectation did they fail to meet? I'm [...]

Are you motivated?

Yesterday I mentioned Daniel Pink's freakin' awesome book, Drive. In there he discusses the two types of motivation that we are all familiar with, as well as [...]

Human nature and business

Are you giving your customers the $2 treatment? I'm reading a very interesting book on motivation, called Drive, by Daniel Pink. There is a point made early [...]

Are you still learning?

Last year I wrote a post on Lifelong Learning that talked about different ways you can continue to improve your knowledge and skills. One of the options I [...]

Are you using a Mac?

This is my first time posting on a MacBook Pro. I borrowed it from someone in my house to give it a try. I'm normally a PC person (but I'm not always P.C.). [...]