Month: March 2011

Book Review: Delivering Happiness

Like a good story? Better yet, how about a really good I.T. story? No such thing you ask? Believe it, and read Delivering Happiness - A Path to Profits, [...]

Toastmasters: Why you won’t win your contest

Have you been practicing? Working on your contest speech? Did you manage to win your club, area or division contest? You probably did it one of two ways. [...]

Toastmasters: Lance Miller in KC

Editor's note: this post is a compliation of my notes from Lance Miller's visit to Kansas City on 17 March 2011. 52 Toastmasters attended the 2-hour [...]

A good rant is worth a thousand words

Whether in speaking or writing, it generally considered a good idea to be brief. I was reading The Edited Life (a blog about writing) again recently, and saw [...]

Lady and the Champs – Retrospective

Affiliate link alert: World Champions EDGE. This link will take you to the Edge website, where you can see some free materials or sign up for just $1 for the [...]