2012 TI Convention – day zero


Since it’s after midnight, I can claim this is Tuesday and that the Toastmasters International 2012 convention starts in just one day. Normally, I’d call Monday night activities uneventful, or even boring. However, on this Monday night, I was thirsty. And since the bottled water in my room was marked at $5.00, I though a trip to the bar for a something worth $5.00 and maybe a little food was a better idea.

Then what happened? I ran into Jock Elliott, the 2011 World Champion of Public Speaking. While we were chatting, in came PIP (Past International President) Ted Corcoran. Now, once the convention starts getting 2 minutes with either of these awesome Toastmasters will be virtually impossible.

Right place, right time. I heard some interesting stories of past contests, behind the scenes anecdotes and possibly a tall tale or two made me glad I ventured down for a $4.95 diet coke! (I did decide eating after midnight was a bad idea)

One interesting tale was about Jock’s 1993 contest speech, and how it shaped his winning speech from last year. Ted wove a tale of a great speech in ’93 being right for the ’11 contest, and Jock admitted it was the same, just with a different opening, closing and middle.

Isn’t that what our conventions are all about – making, renewing and strengthening connections with awesome people from all around the world? I think so. I’m glad it’s off to a good start before it even starts!

I’ll post more after the opening ceremonies, any education sessions I attend and a special perspective on the world championship.

Stay tuned!

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