2012 TI Convention – Lisa Panarello education session


Lisa Panarello gave a presentation called CPR Strategies for Successful Networking. I really liked the depth of information and the specific tips she gave. Her approach of Connect, Pitch and Reciprocate is easy to remember.

Myths of networking
Having hundreds of friends or twitter folders
Having dozens of people like your Facebook page
Sending and receiving dozens of LinkedIn
Trading business cards with everyone you meet

Truths of networking

CPR defined

– in person (no one is better than anyone else)
– by phone (make a few notes first – especially helps if you need to leave a message)
– in writing

Extra tip for LinkedIn – go beyond standard invite message…generates a “who are you?”

Connect the Dots – exercise
3 women put their job title on a 3X5 card.
A guy takes the shuffled cards and asks each 2 open ended questions – no yes or no and no “what is your degree?”
Goal is to determine which job goes with which person does which job
The point is to connect the dots by asking questions
I caught your speech on …
How did you go from …
I heard you were traveling to …
What did you like about …
Did you enjoy the …

Goal – choose the connection
Can I help them?
Can they help me?
What is the vibe?
Can this be an added-value relationship?

Remember to write notes on the back of their business card.

Confirm the connection
Ask if you could stay in touch
Send follow-up email
Call to set up lunch meeting

24-48 hours max to confirm connection
When you confirm, also add a follow-up question

Pitch – not always selling, but
What you say…makes others think

Taboo – exercise
Word game – get the other person to say a word without using one of the five Taboo words
Point is to consider word choice

Reality vs. Perception
– I’m lucky just to have a job – then maybe you aren’t trying too hard
– I’m unemployed. Know anyone who is hiring?
– I’m in between jobs
– I’ll take any job – would you really?
– Can you pass on my resumé? – you want me to do the work for you?
– I want to work for myself, any advice? – where do I start?
– It’s not what you know, it’s who you know – actually, it’s both. But mostly what you know.

Not unemployed or in between job. Instead you’re actively seeking employment
When you’re asking for advice, be specific.

Pitch – key components – who you are, what you offer, what you want
– create position titles – gets people to ask questions
– unique selling points
– specific goals
5-10 seconds, and just a few words. Note: this is a lot like the Verbal Business Card

Be Mindful
– Thank you email
– Thank you card
– Reference Letter
– Small Gift (comes after the person helps you, otherwise it’s a bribe)
– Support Card
Do them before you have to.

Be Resourceful
– Offer ideas
– Send articles of interest
– Recommend a book/site
– Suggest an association
– Make an introduction

Be Mindful (again)
– Set Calendar for:
— Follow-up Emails
— Period Phone Calls
— Holiday Mailings

Promote yourself positively – what you can do, not what you have done.

Self marketing tools
Branded Business Card
Top-notch Resumé
Dynamic Profile – don’t let your LinkedIn be just your resumé
Proof-based Portfolio – able to show proof of what you’ve accomplished

(she made us say that)

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