2012 TI Convention – Opening Ceremonies


6pm Wednesday night…that’s right…time for the Toastmasters International 2012 Convention Opening Ceremonies. The parade of flags from 116 countries, the parade of International Director Candidates, and keynote speaker Joel Manby all conspired together to make the opening events awesome and memorable.

Seeing so many of my friends carrying flags of so many different countries was awesome. Host district governor from district 84, Dennis Woolridge did a great copyright infringement…I mean voice imitation of Mickey Mouse and Goofey in his welcome statement.

Our international president, Michael Notaro, told the story of the district visit where he was confused for the guy in the Toastmasters monthly magazine.

Joel Manby’s speech was awesome…here are the notes:

Olympics – we had a better flag ceremony than they did
Professional businessman, not professional speaker. Friend told him, you’d better be good.

Started with story about Saab, his boss verbally thrashed him in front of other Saab executives. 34 out of 36 to #3. One bad quarter – verbally lambasted.

There has to be a way to lead where you care about your people and still make profit
Wanted to be the same person in work, personal and even spiritual life

Jack and Peter Herschend

Basic principles on leading with love

what is love?
Greek has four words for love
Eros – where the word erotic comes from – just an emotion
Philos – what the county Philadelphia is named from – city of brotherly love
Storge – parental love
Agape – how you behave, how you treat each other – unconditional

Why use love at all? – Better question: Why do we exclude love at work?
Business is all about people, people are all about relationships, relationships are all about love
1 Corinthians 13 –

Unselfish = think of yourself less (not think less of yourself)
EU$ +CU$ = SIF$$

Employee unselfishness $$ + Company unselfishness $$ = Share it Forward $$ for helping employees
Showed video from undercover boss
He was able to help one employee rebuild his home after a flood and help another employee to complete his degree
When the company shows love toward the employee, the employee pays that forward to the customers.
Keys to success from that show
Broad programs, not one off
National response
Do for one…
Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone – don’t let your heart shrivel from the overwhelming need

Have self control in difficult situations
Not being patient with bad performance
Praise in public
Admonish in private
Maintain the dignity of others

Show encouragement and enthusiasm
Not defined as being nice all of the time
Made a comment about our enthusiasm with the opening Ceremomies. Got a laugh with ,”I can skip this whole topic because you guys already got it”
Had a job offer for double they money, when he spoke to his wife, she pulled out a note from the CEO thanking her and their kid for sharing their dad with his company
How many of you have written a letter to the spouse of someone that works for you?
Spends the first 20 minutes of every day thinking about yesterday, what can he reinforce? Does one handwritten note each day.

Same as
More of
Less of

Sticking to your values on all circumstances
Management evaluation matrix
Do goals – what most companies pay for
Be goals – always walks the talk
Do both – awesome
Do neither – you’re out
Do one – training

Place confidence in someone

Release the grip of the grudge

Book is Love Works – 100 percent of proceeds go to Share it Forward foundation


Great opening!!! Yes, I bought the book.

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