2012 TI Convention – Semi Final Contest Results


Here are the results (winners) of the semi-final contests – I’ll post the official link later tonight

Contest 1 – D37 Brian Corey
Contest 2 – D73 Andrew Kneebone (I saw him…he was awesome)
Contest 3 – D83 Diane Parker
Contest 4 – D51 Palaniappa Subramanism
Contest 5 – D46 Mario Lewis
Contest 6 – D31 Stuart Pink
Contest 7 – D84 Ronald Melvin (local dude) – Second D8 Tom Huling- Third D77 Manual Martinez
Contest 8 – D6 Kenny Ray Morgan – second D59 Jorge Crespo – Third D52 Sarah Kahn
Contest 9 – D7 Ryan Avery

Interesting side note: Jorge (2nd in contest 8) asked to win during his speech…novel approach

I bounced around between contests, so I didn’t see any one from start to finish, but I did see some great speeches, including our D22 rep, Ed Young.


  1. Aloha e Cuz-our district #10 got to do the Walk of Fame coming in 14th in the WORLD – pretty exciting. While waiting in line for Joel Manby to sign my books after his keynote speech wed night I got to meet a couple who are originally from the Phillipines but are now representing the district who was #1 in the WORLD – Saudi Arabia. This was my 2nd conference – went to Vegas last year – looking forward to being able to drive to next year’s conference in Cincinnati as we live in Cleveland just a 3-4 hour drive away. I’m the new District Public Relations Officer so having the conference right now is very good to help me connect with my members – a hui hou!

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