2012 TI Convention – Thursday EDGE Breakfast


Thursday morning started off with a free EDGE event for members of the World Champions EDGE. Mark Brown, Ed Tate, Darren LaCroix, Jim Key, Lance Miller and Jock Elliott answered questions from speakers who want to improve their skills.

I caught a couple of the questions and the champs answers below:

How do I focus on one message rather than try to cram too much into one speech? – TK

Lance – Martial arts, 1/4 inch change in shoulder position can add 3X power, in speaking it can be similar. A small tweak can make a world of difference in a speech.

Ed – (from David Brooks) Take your speech, type it up and half it. Helps you focus on the most important aspects of the speech.

Ed – Choose words with added meaning.

Lance – if you say words they understand, they go their. If they you don’t, they leave. – Lance Miller

How do we trust our own voice? – Erich

Jock – what suits the eye doesn’t necessarily suit the ear. As a coach, he makes suggestions but wants you to make the adjustments in you own words.

Mark – there is hope! We have to be who we are. You don’t to be like (insert champ name here). You want to be like you. Be proud of who you are and embrace it.

Darren – you need to connect with yourself before you can connect with your audience. He mentioned a speaker that took something from T. Harv Ecker and used it in her speech (“Yes or yes”) but was having a negative effect on her audience. Don’t try to copy another’s techniques, develop your own.

Ed – by being yourself you become unique. It’s always about the audience.

Lance – you have to know yourself before you can know your audience. There comes a point in our lives where we have to originate our own thoughts. Not everyone gets there. When he was told as a new member he could become world champ, he said “No I can’t…what is it?”

Erich followed up by saying some members see a style that wins the world championship, and think that there is a formula. Mark referenced the examples of who in this room had won, and showed both the contrast in styles as well as just how personal each message was.

Lance – talked about a speech from last year with a missed message. Your message may need to be refined to work for the audience. Dig deeper to find the common thread.

Jock – styles in some other countries are different than North America.

Some champs have said the learning started when they waled off the stage with the trophy. What is something that you use now that you didn’t know then? – Gregory

Ed – be thankful.

Mark – responsibility. He was totally blown away by the accolades. People from all walks of life realize that you are them. You can help them to achieve their goals. With the privilege of the platform comes the responsibility. Don’t shirk it…use it.

Lance – continue to learn…your just as good as your last speech. Biggest fear wasn’t losing, it was winning and not really being the World Champion. To inspire means to breathe life into. If you want to be a speaker, you have to speak. Leadership lesson – “the higher you climb, the more they see of your [butt]”

Darren – there is no cure for un-coachable. Don’t focus on becoming rich, focus on becoming the kind of person people want to do business with.

Ed asked in the closing to provide the champs a follow up. Let them know what works for us in the
EDGE forum.

It was a blast to get together with fellow EDGE members and some great champs. I always learn something from their stories I can use to become better. Off to the Hall of Fame!

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