2012 TI Convention – Wednesday Board Briefing


Wednesday’s festivities really kicked off with the Board of Directors briefing. This event gives members and leaders throughout the organization to hear about coming projects and changes in our organization.

The session began with recognition of Past International Presidents and Past International Directors present.

The president’s report, delivered by Michael Notaro who began by telling us about some firsts we experienced this year:
One Director per region for 14 regions
Approaching 300,000 members in 88 Districts
Record number of new clubs
Launched new brand

He also Remembered his visits throughout the year. I was surprised he was able to make so many visits, at least 12 that I heard listed.

Michael also spoke about what makes a successful district:
Active and engaged area and division governors
Visible and active connection with businesses, community and other organizations
Positive culture of teamwork
Inclusive – opportunities regardless of age, etc.
Small conflicts become big conflicts
Staying focused on critical mission of TM

Immediate Past International President, Pat Johnson briefed on the Strategic Planning Committee
Discussed progress in developing new leadership programs

The Executive Directors Report was given by Dan Rex
Membership grew by 3.3 percent
Chartered 4 percent increase
Also most suspended clubs ever
We are in 116 countries
Awards increased by 5 percent
Of all members who have joined since 2006, fewer than 10 percent earned CC and fewer than 3 percent earned CLs
Customer service has improved measurably over the last year

“strategy takes a moment to create, and culture always trumps strategy”

John Lau briefed on the Executive committee – six items in work:
Legal tax and regulatory compliance – worked with insuring our international clubs are able to comply with local requirements
International officer and director candidate assessment – changed survey process
Accredited speaker program – worked to improve and better (see my accredited speaker panel post for details)
District disciplinary process/international disciplinary committee – helping district leaders resolve issues at district level much like club and international processes
District. Information – D59 and D71 reformation requests approved, D70 reformation committee approved
Regional advisor – selection committee, 5 members of board of directors and 3 past region advisors. The past RAs are a change to the committee going forward

Board of Directors report by George Yen
TM is 88 years old, and this year we have 88 districts
There were some changes to District Leader Expenses. Now can be reimbursed $30 per day for meals during official training. Also now allow for an alternate signer, for districts that need them due to geographical requirements. Also, the district travel maximum can be increased above 30% with approval. Other changes included some minor accounting rule changes to make it easier for district leaders to manage funds.
This year’s annual business meeting will now use electronic voting.

Club Quality and Consistency Committee, George Yen
Over 14,000 clubs – some ideas that are being worked:
Reports that address club health
Gaining best practices
Reinforcing moments of truth
Providing mentors to all new members
Promoting the TM promise
Formal club induction ceremonies
Strengthening club coaching process
Strengthening club leadership succession process

Area governor support, Mohammed Murad
Discussed the lifecycle of the area governor and how to help them be more successful
talent identification
Recommendations for action to the HQ staff include:
Succession planning

Overall good info. I always like hearing where the organization is going.

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