Month: February 2012

The Unread Book Challenge

I found an interesting site, where there are a plethora of book reviews. I also found an interesting challenge: The challenge: [...]

The value of appreciation

Last week I had the opportunity to hear author Paul White, coauthor of the book The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace with Gary Chapman. His [...]

Book Review: Running the Gauntlet

Running the Gauntlet: Essential Business Lessons to Lead, Drive Change and Grow Profits by Jeffery Hayzlett is my kind of book. I like books about leadership, [...]

Happy end-of-resolution-day

Yesterday (Washington's Birthday) was the last day any of us try to pretend we're still working on our New Year's Resolution - according to research I [...]

Be Great like Kathy Griffin

I just saw Kathy Griffin (My Life on the D-list) perform here in Wichita. In short,  she Rocks. However, my point here isn't to go on about her (which I [...]

Toastmasters: Don’t overdo it

As the Toastmasters contest season is progressing, I've seen some speakers do a few things that may have cost them the win in their club contests. Of course, [...]

You must get them involved

When you speak to a friend or your boss, do you simply talk for 30-minutes without a pause? Do you ask a list of questions and proceed without hearing any [...]

Managing your Network

How do you manage your network of friends, professional contacts and other acquaintances? Maybe a better question isn't how, but simply do you? And if not, [...]

Toastmasters: The advantage of cutting content

Way is one of the most powerful tips you can learn as a speaker? Would you believe that how to say less can be as valuable of a skill as knowing what to [...]

Toastmasters: Prepping for your contest

This is a follow-up to my previous post, Why you won't win your contest, which is getting more attention as the Toastmasters contest season [...]