Month: April 2012

More Craig Valentine in Joplin

"Yeah, baby!" - Austin Powers If you had been sitting there at the Toastmasters District 22 Conference in Joplin, Missouri... "Don't overdo it." - Craig [...]

Craig Valentine in Joplin

Wow! This morning, Craig Valentine opened the Toastmasters District 22 conference in Joplin, Missouri with Getting Remarkable Results in Leadeship and [...]

Taking time to get things done

It's great to read. Book, magazines, blogs, and e-mails all compete for our time. Add in webinars, conference calls and live events and learning what to do can [...]

Review: The new iPad

Have you heard about the new iPad? Although Apple decided not to call it the iPad 3, it is the third version of the wildly popular tablet that everyone else is [...]

April 1st – Just another day?

I've commented before that I like the Copyblogger site. Great advice on marketing and writing. This is from them: Like this graphic? Get the basics of [...]