Month: May 2012


Does a legacy have to be something ever-lasting, tremendous and known to everyone? Seven years ago I came to be stationed at McConnell AFB. It turned out to [...]

Book Review: RISE

I just read RISE, 3 practical steps for advancing your career, standing out as a leader and liking your life by Patty Azzarello. I like how this book gives a [...]

Next book: Million Dollar Web Presence

I just picked up Alan Weiss' book, Million Dollar Web Presence - Leverage the Web to Build Your Brand and Transform Your Business, coauthored with Chad [...]

Does your art speak for itself?

I was watching an episode of The Apprentice a couple of years ago, and one team was telling Mr. Trump about their advertising idea that lets the Trump name [...]

Leading by rolling up your sleeves

Are you a leader that will roll up your sleeves, get in there and make things happen? More importantly, do you know when to not get in there and muck [...]

Do you need a Writer’s group?

I think I need a writer's group. This evening I attended a writer's group at a local Barnes & Noble. Don't die of shock. Yes, I was at a Barnes & Noble today. [...]

Ready to take the next step?

What is the next thing on your "if I just had more time to do" list? For me, I just bought and set up a new site that I plan to launch by 1 June. My next "if [...]

Do you think you are getting better?

Craig Valentine likes to ask, "Are you looking for education, or validation?" Put another way, are you here to learn how to improve, or because you want [...]

Willie Jolley in Nevada, MO

I had the good fortune to be passing through a town called Nevada Missouri last week. Nevada has a population of about 9,000, and this evening in late April [...]