2013 EDGE Net summit – Cincinnati


Today is a great day to hang with the champs. Darren, Ed, Lance and Mark did an outstanding job as always! Below are my raw notes with some thoughts.

Training issues that you may have to deal with
Teacher and Student
Student and Student
Student and Materials

Provide information in the format your customer needs/wants

– I don’t have a signature story, I have 50
– I don’t have a message, I have thousands of messages

How the consideration some one else gives you is senior to your own thoughts
– Lance felt that some considerations in his mind from his youth had driven decisions he made as an adult

Look at the things where the light went on, or the times somebody squashed you

What do I know, and what do I take somebody else’s word for?
– other people choose to control through invalidation

Words are labels – represent a concept

Speakers are artists – we create new images – no artist repaints the Mona Lisa

Give the audience the picture you want them to see
– speak in concepts, not words

Speaking is like a muscle, it can atrophy
– imagine going to the gym and saying, “I’m sore, I’m not going to work out again for 6 months.”
– give at next speech now!

1.00-1.50 a head to employees, 80.00 a head to speakers

The audience doesn’t know you see them. Sometimes their reactions aren’t about you.
Great speeches are not written, they are assembled.
Have an emergency closing.
I’ve never given this topic on this subject, to this audience, on this day before.

Clean, lean and mean-ingful
Ask the audience what is most memorable (after the speech)

What you saw and felt
What you can do to improve

Two questions to ask:
What grabbed your attention
What inspired you

Hecklers, hello and heroes

Interview the hecklers. Say, “you’ve been identified as one of the folks to help me create my presentation” – ask some questions, don’t worry about the answers.

Show their photo – mention that these were people who helped me with today’s program

Hello – work the room pre-event

Hero – I’d someone who is a hero, and tell one of their stories – does not have to be perfect

Make sure to have the hashtag for the organization

Great program, as always!

Learn more about the World Champion’s EDGE here: EDGE

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