2013 TI Convention – Sam Davidson educational session


This is the only educational session I could make time for at this year’s convention. Sam Davidson was very entertaining last year, and I’ve been waiting for this since I heard he was speaking months ago.

His title: What’s your Cannonball? – Leading for Maximum Impact

Sam gives two very important pieces of advice to leaders:

1. Find your local Toastmasters Club
2. Do Something

We all have a leader we admire who isn’t famous. In their core, they were willing to Do Something.

Two types of cannonballs:
Civil War era Cannonball – narrow path but deep impact – takes a team to be successful
Individual at the pool – one person, broad effect not long lasting – can be done with no prep

Leadership IS, and ultimately leadership DOES
– Leadership starts with a story – if you want to change your story, you need to change your Iife
People don’t remember quarterly reports, but the remember Harry Potter, “…or god forbid, twilight”

– it’s not “Toastmasters, learn to talk good”

– Leadership picks itself
You never get to “one day” if we never start at day one

– Leadership starts with day one and leads to one day

– Leadership busks (pays it dues)
The idea about an overnight success is fictitious
The overnight success is the piece you see, but there is certainly more behind that

– What matters is not the amount of people in our community
What matters is the amount of community in our people

– Leadership inconveniences
Sam described what happens when you squeeze a fruit – “You knew a banana was going to come out of the banana” – tomato, grape
When you squeeze a leader, leadership should come out

– Leadership jumps – it doesn’t always take a lot of words
– Leadership expires – the urgency has to happen – the urgency matters
– Our values determine our leadership opportunities. It’s not the other way around

3 ingredients of leadership
Passion – tells you the direction you’re aiming for
Talent – someone you aren’t related to says you’re good at it
Needs of their community –
How do we find that intersection?

Passion – Need = volunteer
Talent – Need = career
Talent – Passion = hobby

Make a list based on on-line handout. Your passions, talents, and needs. Note: it looks like the link from the TI site for the handout is gone. I did find this similar info on Sam’s site – http://samdavidson.net/blog/the-sweet-spot-of-leadership

I plan to __________________

– Where your greatest passions and your best talents meet the world’s biggest need. Start your story there.

What is that light, that story within them?

What happens here internally manifests itself so well externally

Sam is pretty amazing, especially as a storyteller (which helps, since he suggests storytelling as a leadership skill). Once again, I’m glad I came to his session.

Cool People Care – his business
Http://samdavidson.net/speak up
Facebook: samdavidson speaks
Twitter @samdavidson

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