Day: February 16, 2013

Lady & the Champs 2013 – Mike Rayburn

Mike Rayburn - bonus session If you don't know who Mike Rayburn is, you're missing out! Mike is in the National Speakers Association Hall-of-Fame, and for [...]

Lady & the Champs 2013 – Ed Tate’s keynote

Ed Tate keynote - Influence Without Authority How to achieve breakthrough results Great opening story about getting tickets to the US Open Speakers never [...]

Lady & the Champs 2013 – Mark Brown’s Editing breakout

Mark Brown's breakout - Editing for Effect: how to say the most with the fewest words Many Toastmasters edit to reduce word count, in order to stay in time - [...]

Lady & the Champs 2013 – Mark Brown’s Stage use breakout

Mark Brown's breakout - How to use the stage for maximum effect Stages vary in size depending on where you are Walk the stage before you speak - get a feel [...]

Lady & the Champs 2013 – Ed Tate’s Training breakout

Ed Tate's breakout - How to Train & Facilitate Like a Pro Ed started with a exercise to determine your breakthroughs and challenges in training. First we [...]

Lady & the Champs 2013 – Mark Brown’s Keynote

Mark Brown delivered! Mark opened asking how we would feel if he were to leave the stage and let Darren, Ed and Patricia have the time, because with his [...]