2016 Lady and the Champs – Patricia Fripp


Selling Yourself, Your Ideas, Your Expertise with Patricia Fripp
Recently one of Patricia’s clients told her the story about a potenial client who asked her to tell them about her company. After she finished, they said thank you and that was it. 

Patricia told her, “You answered the question they asked, not the question they meant”

They asked, “tell us about your company” – they meant, “tell us how your company can help us”

Sell by doing, don’t sell by telling

Patricia talked about actually doing the initial work before your hired. Offer to help them with a problem on their desk right now. Give them a sample of what value you can provide and they’ll want to hire you.


1. Customize the speech – see the magazines of their industry – reading articles, ask “what does this remind me of” – what content in my story file does this work with, so I can use my stories and tie them to their industry.

2. Become an industry expert

3. Be a mystery customer — Patricia spent $195 getting two trees fertilized and she stole the show and landed repeat business

3a – once she got the repeat business, she went out on sales calls with the company to be even better prepared for that next booking

Wrap up – Sell by doing, not telling

Give them some free advice

Once you have the job, become an expert on their industry

That’s how to get re-hired!

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