2016 Toastmasters Convention – Pathways Update


Coming this week at the international convention, Toastmasters International is scheduled to have a Pathways booth for members to see a demo of the new program. As a reminder, Pathways is our new educational program, coming from the REP efforts you’ve hopefully heard about before.

I was contacted this week as a Chief Ambassador of some importance (my words, not theirs) and asked to volunteer some time at the booth to help demo the system and answer questions for convention attendees.

While I don’t yet know everything that will entail, if last year’s booth with demo of the Toastmasters app is any indication, I expect to see the beta version of the app that will be tested this fall.

As I get some post-worthy information, I’ll add updates here and on the D22 blog. Also, as the convention kicks off on Wednesday, I’ll post information on the events, and notes from speakers like Ed Tate, John Zimmer, and Rochelle Rice, along with any others I get a chance to see.

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