2016 Week One: The short list


Yesterday I posted about alternatives to the standard New Years Resolution. Today, I’m going to start week one by taking my own advice, and see how that goes. So here it is, my simple weekly goals for week one (Jan 3-9):

1. Blog each day this week (this doesn’t mean 365 posts this year. Just 7 this week)
2. Work out 3 times this week (note: completed the first one at 6:45 this evening – two to go)
3. Attend Darren LaCroix’s workshop tomorrow (Monday) night. (Note: You can learn more about Darren here: www.darrenlacroix.com and here: www.youtube.com/user/StageTime)

That’s it. Chances are I’ll get a few other things done, like work, eating, etc. If you’re reading my blog, you’ll certainly know if I finish the first goal.


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