37-second rule


Have you heard that, based on the way the human brain is wired, you only have 37 seconds to capture an idea before it’s lost…possibly forever? I heard this recently from Ed Tate, and I know I’ve heard similar startments before. The difference is this: I wrote it down when Ed said it, so now I will reference him anytime I repeat it.

Best question you can answer this week: (How) are you capturing your ideas and thoughts?    Note: N/A is not an acceptable answer. If you don’t have a firm answer, I submit the following: Coming up with an answer to that question could lead to a significant change in your life.

As always, this statement only applies to the Humans out there (i.e. you).

Let’s talk value. What is the value to you, if you’re not already capturing your ideas?  Here’s my short list:

Less Procrastination– these “37-second rule” thoughts are rarely ideas for the next light bulb or iPhone. They usually are things that you need to do, or ideas to maybe do something a little easier, faster or better. If you track them, you’ll find yourself getting more things done. Period.

Increase productivity, both at work and home – your mind is always working on solutions to problems, whether you want it to or not. When a solution happens (way back in the back of your brain), it is transported to the 37-second storage area of your brain. If you fail to capture it or take action on it, who knows when or if it will surface again.

Look smarter – remember, perception is reality. If you retain just 10% of those lost thoughts, you have a jump on a majority of the earth. That’s because so few people are doing this, and even fewer have photographic memories.

With tools like WordPress, FaceBook, and Twitter (to name just a few) we are finding ourselves exposed to more thoughts and ideas than any previous point in history.  Of course, by definition if you’re reading something from one of these sources, it follows that you have something (computer, BlackBerry, iPhone, etc.) to record whatever those topics might provoke from your mind.

If you don’t have a method, consider having a way to track these ideas on your favorite electronic device. I personally keep a small notebook in my book bag (i.e. my Man Bag). Have no fear! Now that you’ve read this, your mind will work out a solution and give it to you in the shower tomorrow. Just remember to write it down somehow


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