A good day to be in sales


Out and about, I’ve noticed that today seems to be the day that everyone realized that they were going to have to deal with this thing called Christmas sooner or later, and why wait for the 24th? 

While the crowds are nothing like Black Friday, it’s looks like today is a busy day for the “oh crap, my wife needs a Nook” crowd. Editor’s note: I’m writing today’s post at Barnes & Noble. And yes, my wife needs a Nook. (crap)

Why? It’s a classic first-world problem. Too many physical books, not enough physical shelf space, and no one in the house man-enough to get rid of some of the older content (I may want to read that again someday…)

I’m trying to pick between a Nook and a Kindle, and I think that I have found one advantage the Nook has. Although this doesn’t work with the Nook reader for iPad, their advertisement says that if you bring your Nook (or Nook Color) into a Barnes & Noble store, you can read any book on your Nook for up to an hour from their internal Wi-Fi.

While there is some obvious “duh” factor to this feature, there are some cool points as well:
1. Not every book you want may be sitting on the shelf at your local B&N, but you can still browse it, and not just the sample content.
2. Not everyone will be able to see what you’re reading (usually only a problem for readers of romance novels and how-to public speaking books).
3. It’s fun to sit in a B&N Cafe and read while sipping a refreshing beverage.

This is a tough decision, and I’m worried that if I wait too long, I’ll be in next week’s even-more-insane crowds trying to pretend that shopping that weekend was the plan all along. 

Maybe today isn’t the only good day to be in sales.

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