A nice, negative post on Stress


Ever struggle with something that kept you up at night? Was it a difficult job, a total bonehead, or something totally beyond your control?

Do you want to print out this page, and just “Bang Head Here?”

What are your favorite methods for dealing with stress?

Run away – This can seem like a good idea, but where do you run to? Is there such a place as a permanent stress-free zone? If your run is just temporary, how will you deal with the stress when you return?

Shoot somebody – this may well be deserved, but it certainly fits the description of a permanent solution to a temporary problem. It’s best to avoid violence, no matter what the jack… did.

Ignore the problem – this is a very temporary solution to a less-temporary problem. A lot like running away, but without the running or the away.

Meditate – this one will help with some of the symptoms, but it can’t solve the root problem. Other common fixes in this category include yoga, running, weight training and boxing. Pick one, but there’s still more to do. Oh yeah, “Bang Head Here” works on this one too. (so does writing a blog post)

Face the problem head on –  simple, but rarely easy. The down side here is the short-term increase in stress that comes from facing the issue. However, if you get one more good night’s sleep, it could be worth it.

Of course, things like tornados, earthquakes and floods take quite a bit of time to get over, and problems with the job can too. Moron problems usually have a more direct solution available:

– Get a second opinion. Don’t gossip, but ask, “is it me?” Be prepared to find out that you are part of the problem. Maybe your friend or mentor can help you craft a solution for when you speak to the loser.

Confront. That jerk may not know they are causing your stress. Don’t use e-mail! Be specific, non-judgmental, and solution-oriented. “What can we do different to work together?” <must…not…smack…>

Follow through. Don’t expect one conversation with the idiot to do it. Relationships take work. Handling the main problem may solve the bulk of the problem, but you have to be watchful for flare-ups. After all, idiots are called idiots because, well, they are.

Stress sucks. Stress caused by idiots sucks worse. Whether you chose to run away, pray, or just “Bang Head Here”, you won’t get through it without understanding and confronting the problem.

Good luck with that…

<banging head noise is not simulated>

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