Adult Learning: Pick a day to add a skill


How do you normally move forward in your personal (or professional) development goals?

Here is a thought: Pick an hour to block out one evening a week. Call it your “get a new skill hour.” You may be asking, “What is the point?” Simple: to take some time to look into something you hadn’t tried before, read something new, or try out a new “fad” you have been avoiding for a long time.

For example, those of you without LinkedIn ( accounts, spend an hour setting up your on-line professional contact/networking page on LinkedIn. You don’t have to put very much personal information out there, just your name, job title, and some info about your current job. Then search for some coworkers or business friends and link up with them. Take a look at their pages and see what you can do with yours. You won’t have the perfect site in just an hour, but you will be there. When you do need it (layoffs, just looking for work or opportunities, etc.) you’ll already have a head start.

Other ideas?
– Pick up a “Italian in 10 minutes a day” book and do an hour a week (any language)
– Pick up a business/writing/leadership book and read an hour a week
– Pick another networking site you’ve never used (Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Squidoo, etc.) and spend an hour learning it
– Pick something related to your job, like MS Office 2007, and spend an hour learning some tips and shortcuts (check for some free Quick Reference Cards)
– Spend that hour teaching something to another person

As we move through February, you’ve probably dumped that whole resolution thing anyway, and with the Heroes season finale behind us you should have a free hour to spare. Give it a shot for the next few weeks and see where it takes you!

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