Are you still learning?


Last year I wrote a post on Lifelong Learning that talked about different ways you can continue to improve your knowledge and skills. One of the options I mentioned there was attending networking functions – i.e. professional organizations.

Today I attended the monthly luncheon for the Wichita Professional Communicators, and heard our Wichita City Manager, Robert Layton, speak to us about what is going on (and soon to come) here in Wichita. Of course, you can get lot of this information from the Internet, TV News and the Wichita Eagle newspaper, but it is nice to hear it straight from the head guy once in a while, right?

One of the cool things about this is the WPC is a somewhat small group, with usually about 30-40 members and guests in attendance. This meant that a number of the members with questions had an opportunity to ask them, and get some candid answers straight from the source. Not something you can get from sitting on the couch. Even if you have a FaceBook account.

On top of that, another member provided us flyers for an upcoming event at the local university (WSU) called Comm Week 2010. Next Monday through Wednesday there will be a variety of presentations and panels including social networking, research and public relations topics.

Hearing from diverse speakers about topics of interest is a major advantage to belonging to a local professional organization. You may not have classified this opportunity under learning, but you’ll find out that membership (and attendance) is groups like this can keep you up to date and help you learn about other opportunities as well.

Note: This is day two in the posting with a MacBook experiment. No Apple products were harmed (so far).

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