Do you want to ACE your next speech, presentation, or interview? If so, use the A.C.E method to help with your preparation and execution. While no methodology is perfect (except maybe mine), focusing on these areas will help you be better prepared and successful in your planned speaking opportunities. 

Attitude – this is not about being a jerk, or showing some false bravado in the face or your opponent (i.e. boss, spouse, etc.) Attitude is a feeling, a sense of self-assuredness, and state of mind that includes many factors to be successful.

–          Preperation: Know your audience (make contact), know your topic (research), and know yourself (mirror or CIA profile)

–          Leadership: be prepared to lead by example, even if the audience is your boss (note: if the audience is your boss, don’t tell them your leading by example…just do it)

Commitment – take the time to be ready for your audience, topic, and environment.

–          Decide: This is either important to you (and thus you make time for it) or it isn’t. If it’s not important, move on to something that is. If it is important, turn off the teevee and get to work!

–           Promise: Have an objective and stick to it.

Excellence – Not perfection. Always strive to do your best as a speaker, follower and leader.

–          Preperation: Waiting until the last minute shows your focus is somewhere else. Take the time to be ready, and handle unexpected events.

–          Stage time: practice…practice…practice. This is the way to gain experience and improve. Make it meaningful, so you can learn form the experience.

If you ACE your preperationto be the best, then you’ll ACE your results as well. ’nuff said.

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