Author: Rob C

100 Posts in 113 days

What happens when you post blog entries at a clip of nearly a post per day? In truth, you get a lot of good advice from around the globe, and you learn a lot [...]

The secret to creativity

Sometimes it's just plain hard to be creative, isn't it? There can be a lot of pressure on you every day to come up with creative solutions, or creative ways [...]

Optimize the search?

I love the fact that WordPress lets me see what search engine terms are bringing people to my virtual doorstep. Keyword searches have become a very real tool [...]

Book Review: Inbound Marketing

Part of being the Talk to the Human guy is the need to understand my medium. Inbound Marketing, written by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah is a part of the [...]

Speaking Tips: Confidence vs. Comfort

"How can you tell the difference between being confident as a speaker and when your just comfortable?"  One of my Facebook Fans recently asked me this [...]

The lost art of Believability

After lunch today, my friends and I received our fortune cookies and each opened them up to see our fortunes (and, you know, eat the cookie). With the [...]

Book Review: World Class Speaking

  I picked this book up after hearing the author and other World Champions of Public Speaking on a CD set I had purchased last year. All of those on the CD [...]

Welcome to the New Page

As of today, 27 Nov, I've moved my blog over to the URL, instead of being on Wordpress' site. This is still a wordpress blog, but now [...]