Author: Rob Christeson

Speaking tips: The Power of Kryptonite

Krypton is probably the most famous planet that never really existed (with respect to fans of Vulcan). The concept of that piece of Superman's home world [...]

Not everyone wants your evaluation

Do you sometimes receive feedback that you don't really want (or don't even need) to hear? How does it make you feel to receive unsolicited feedback?  In [...]

Make your meeting time useful

Authors, trainers and other random humans have made a living talking about what is wrong with corporations and their bureaucratic processes. One fan favorite [...]

The value of a DTM award

Is it worth your time to pursue a DTM award through Toastmasters? This is a question many active Toastmaster members struggle with, and it surprises me how [...]

Break time: Enjoying Dilbert

Editor's note: Dilbert is a copyrighted comic strip written by Scott Adams that shows the humorous side of working in the cubicle world. I clipped Dilbert's [...]

It Sucks to be You

Have you ever had a boss tell you they couldn't (sounded like code for wouldn't) help you out with a problem? Just a few years ago, one of my jobs included [...]

Start that Resolution Today!

Do you know why we "wait" for the fist day of the new year to declare a resolution? There are quite a few theories out there, some of which are better than [...]

Black Friday: The power of preparation

Did you wake up at 4am on Black Friday to get a jump on the holiday shopping? You may thing that only a crazy few of us were out there driving in the dark, but [...]

Speaking Tips: Using Notes

Have you ever heard someone tell you that you shouldn't use notes in a speech? It almost sounds impossible, doesn't it? Imagine having to give a lengthy [...]

Speaking Tips: Meeting Expectations

At this weekend's Toastmasters District 22 Fall Conference in Topeka Kansas, many people had the opportunity to see some outstanding presentations, [...]