Beware: The Title


I was speaking to a friend last night who was advising me to think about using titles for my posts that would be more keyword-friendly (I’m paraphrasing). I realize that he’s right, especially when I look back on some posts with titles that could double as episode names for some cancelled TV show.

I think over the next week or two I’ll try to make the titles a bit more descriptive, including good keywords to help you, the reader, to be able to forsee what will be covered in the post.

Since tomorrow morning in our local Toastmaster Area contests, I imagine tomorrow night’s post will be on a speaking subject, and may include stories or tips learned at the contests.


  1. While Titles are important and in this case I think your friend is correct. However, in speeches, you want to captivate them to draw them into what you’re speaking about. In my case, I like to use titles that aren’t so obvious. But again to note, in this case your friend is correct when posting on blogs site and other sites of this nature. Keep up the good work!

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