Book Research


Some of the material I want to include in my book will require some serious research. I’ve already found some of the statistics and material I need, but I’d also like to get data from real users (i.e. you).

I have a few multiple choice questions on SurveyMonkey, so I invite you to answer them to help me establish some baseline information for my research. Also, please feel free to pass this along to any person you feel may have Internet access and the ability to click a mouse.

The questions include:

Which social networking site do you use most?
What is your favorite blog site/software?
What type of blog do you prefer reading?
How do you use YouTube?
How much time do you spend online each day?

The survey is here:

The results from this (and future) surveys will be incorporated into the existing data I have from the Internet (which is clearly true). If you read my post from earlier this month with the chapters descriptions for my book, you may recognize that this data will mostly be used in the first three chapters, specifically in chapter 1.


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