Book Review: Guerrilla Marketing


Last week, I mentioned this book in another review, so I thought I should give this a bit more than just lip service. Guerrilla Marketing, 4th edition is quite possibly the source for our generation on marketing strategy for small businesses. I have personnally had a number of small business owners and some very successful professionals recommend this book to me, along with a plethora of related (guerrilla) books just this year.

The book’s tag-line is Easy and Inexpensive Strategies for Making Big Profits from your Small Business. I found it interesting to read and packed full of great ideas, references and stories about success in small business. The strategies discussed are designed to be within the capabilities of a one-person show, or a small business with a reasonable budget as well. It has a how-to feel about it, along with the success stories built in for credibility.

Like some other books I’ve read, I found that this book is a fantastic reference to look back on for ideas. It includes a thorough index and an attachment labled Information Arsenal for Guerrillas that includes 14 pages of books, DVDs, CDs and websites to help you further your knowledge and be successful.

What’s great about this book:
Sparked a revolution in the marketing world, and is updated and supported by the author and an army of others.
200 marketing weapons are invaulable as a reference and to spark creative ideas.
Sixteen monumental secrets to Guerrilla Marketing really set the stage for the whole process.

Limiting Factors:
It’s enough to read this book from cover to cover to get an understanding of the power and usefullness of Guerrilla Marketing. But to really move forward, you’ll need to plan on doing some real work.

Great Quotes:
Your compitition won’t quit
Ignorance is more expensive than paid research
Value is far more crucial than price. And perceived value is far more crucial than value 

This book is a must read, unless you have no plans for your future. If you haven’t read it, stop reading this post and go get it.

Rob’s Rating system (bolded, the rating is)
Buy at full price (even though you won’t have to)
Buy if you get a discount
Wait for the paperback
Wait for someone else to be done with the paperback
If you’ve read my reveiw, you got the jist of it

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