Book Review: Inbound Marketing


inboundPart of being the Talk to the Human guy is the need to understand my medium. Inbound Marketing, written by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah is a part of the New Rules of Social Media series from Wiley books. When I saw the testimonial by Seth Godin on the back cover, I figured it would be worth my time to check this one out.

This book was easy to read and packed full of great ideas, references to other sources (such as Google AdWords), and even graphics such as screenshots of cases they reference so you don’t have to surf for every topic.

Also, I’ve found that this book isn’t just a good read, but also a solid reference to look back on for ideas, since I doubt anyone could implement all of the thoughts on their first pass through the book. The “to do” lists after each chapter are especially useful and the book has a well thought out table of contents for finding concepts again quickly and easliy.

What’s great about this book:
Hyper-current. Has coverage of the latest trends in social networking and how they can apply to your business.
Each chapter closes with a to-do list, included some suggested actions to get the most from the information provided.
Great references to check for yourself. Specifically, sites that are doing the things the book recommends and are being successful at it.
“Tips from the trenches for startups” had 26 great tips you can use to get started quickly, and begin building traction with your plans.

Limiting Factors:
The authors are clearly fans of Seth Godin. If you’re a fan of his too, you’ll recognize a number of his concepts.
With such current material, there’s a danger of the information becoming dated quickly. The links and references I checked were all good, but will they be in the fall of 2010?

Great Quotes:
A blog is a durable asset that delivers durable value that lasts.
Either write something worth reading about or do something worth writing about. – Ben Franklin
Open your calendar and book two hours a day for the next three months to dedicate to getting found, converting, and making better decisions using inbound marketing.

It really depends on where you are in your reading for the year. If you’ve had very little exposure to using online social media to help your business, then this book is a solid start. However, if you are already very familiar with Seth Godin’s marketing ideas as well as Jay Conrad Levinson’s Guerrilla Marketing, this book may leave you thinking you’ve heard some of these ideas before.

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Wait for the paperback
Wait for someone else to be done with the paperback
If you’ve read my reveiw, you got the jist of it

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