Book Review: The Leader Who Had No Title


I’ve been intending to read this since I saw Robin Sharma speak at the Toastmasters Convention back in August. I’m glad I finally did! An interesting twist in a leadership book, The Leader Who Had No Title, by Robin Sharma is a work of fiction. More accurately, it is “a modern fable on real success in business and in life”.

Rather than telling stories of his own success, and maybe using some borrowed success stories from others, Robin Sharma gives us a fictional work that could easily be “based on a true story”.

What’s great about this book:
It discusses the topic in a different and interesting way, by telling the story of a fictional character that could easily represent any of us. Although some of it felt repetitive, I think this does a great job of solidifying the points – specifically ways you can lead without a title. And no, none of them are “act bossy until promoted”.

Limiting Factors:
Some of the early dialog seems a bit cheesy. Once you get past that, it’s actually quite good.

Great Quotes:
“Be so good that people cannot ignore you” – Steve Martin
“Nobody succeeds beyond his or her wildest expectations unless he or she begins with some wild expectations” – Ralph Charell
“We need to be reminded more than we need to be instructed” – G. K. Chesterton
“Calling high achievers ‘lucky’ is the easiest way to getting out of having to get up off the couch and go do something valuable with your life”

A great read. If you are at all skeptical about your ability to make a difference with the job you already have, this book will give you a new perspective. Plus you’ll get some ideas on motivating others to be their best.

Rob’s Rating system (bolded, the rating is)
Buy now at full price (although I found it at the library – Free!)
Buy if you get a discount
Wait for the paperback
Wait for someone else to be done with the paperback
If you’ve read my review, you got the gist of it

Editor’s Note: Updated 2016 – I received a link from another blog that reviewed this book, so I’m linking back to his review. Take a look at Lewis Empire, a blog by Ryan Lewis.

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