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WCS Book

I picked this book up after hearing the author and other World Champions of Public Speaking on a CD set I had purchased last year. All of those on the CD set, including author Craig Valentine, had very professional styles and believed in providing valuable information in their products.

I picked this up, hoping it would give me a few insights into being a better speaker. I hadn’t even considered the marketing portion to be relevant, or something I needed to know. After all, if I’m good enough, people will find me and ask me to come to their organization to speak, right?

Like most budding professionals, I didn’t simply undervalue the concept of marketing. I ignored it. Lucky for me, Craig (with co-author Mitch Meyerson) did an amazing job of integrating the concept of marketing with his topic of being a world class speaker.

In fact, reading this book helped me see the integration of speaking and marketing (impossible to be successful in one without the other) and put me on the road to understanding not only the need for marketing, but how to do it right and with a very limited budget.

After I read this book, I was fortunate enough to meet Craig and hear him speak. Not only does he practice what he writes, not only does he teach what he writes, but he is absolutely fantastic as a speaker and trainer.

As a Toastmaster myself, I have been consistently working to improve my speaking, and where Toastmasters shaves years off of your learning curve, Craig’s methods in this book will take you to the next level. Plus, if speaking for a living is what you want to do, this book will also cut significant time off of that learning curve as well.

Like others who posted reviews on Amazon, this book took me a while to get through. There was so much I wanted to try as I went through it. After reading it, I have used it multiple times as a reference when developing presentations.

What’s great about this book:
Lots of specific tips that you can use right away
Serves as a great reference for both speaking skills and marketing ideas

Limiting Factors:
Not a “single-sitting” read – I had to stop to take notes many, many times
You’ll need to be willing to learn a lot

Great Quotes:
Do not leave money on the table
Marketing is not an event – it’s a process

This book is truly in my top 10. If you’re thinking at all about taking your speaking skills to the next level, make this one of the first books you read. Same if you want to go pro, and need some marketing ideas (and if you’re a human, you probably do).


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