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I had the great fortune to hear Michelle Gielan speak at a recent IT conference. Her topic was based on her book, Broadcasting Happiness.

First, let me say that Michelle is a phenomenal speaker. Her style, presence and ability to connect with her audience made decide to order the book before the presentation even finished.

In fact, I’d even say she could star in a how-to video for professional presentations. The ~2,000 people in the audience were engaged and everyone I spoke to after was impressed. (And there was a serious line to speak to her).

In the book, Michelle discusses the effect positive and negative people have on us. There’s a very interesting example about whether the positive influence or “negative Norm”  has the greater effect on you or your team, and the actual answer may surprise you.

On the concept of Broadcasting Happiness, Michelle give useful examples of how taking a positive view can lead not only to greater success, but living a more positive life can even reduce stress and illness that comes from unproductive negative behavior.

She includes great strategies (one she calls “power leads”) on how to open different types of conversations, another on how to use leading questions and additional tools for avoiding unnecessarily negative behavior and the stress (and health consequences) that accompanies it.

If you find yourself dealing with negative people, or if you’re a leader that wants to see the improved results that come from a more positive environment, Broadcasting Happiness is for you.

Bonus: If you are an Audible fan like me, Michelle has a great voice for reading her own book.

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Wait for the paperback
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