Book Review

Author Review: Take the Stairs

Rory Vaden is the author of the new bestselling book, Take the Stairs - 7 Steps to Achieving True Success. In promoting his new book, he recently spoke here [...]

Book Review: Running the Gauntlet

Running the Gauntlet: Essential Business Lessons to Lead, Drive Change and Grow Profits by Jeffery Hayzlett is my kind of book. I like books about leadership, [...]

Books to look forward to

It's just now 2012, and I already have a full reading list for the coming year. Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google?: Trick Questions, Zen-like Riddles, [...]

Book Review: Million Dollar Coaching

Do you see yourself as a coach, or want to know what strategies work in becoming a highly successful one? I do, so I picked up Million Dollar Coaching - [...]

Do you have an old mind?

I'm finally reading Daniel Pink's book, A Whole New Mind. This was written before his excellent work on motivation, Drive. Drive had a lot of buzz, and I read [...]

Book Review: Sway

I recently received a recommendation to read Sway, The Irresistible Pull of Irrational Behavior. To me, this work looked similar to Dan Ariely's work, The [...]

Book Review: Delivering Happiness

Like a good story? Better yet, how about a really good I.T. story? No such thing you ask? Believe it, and read Delivering Happiness - A Path to Profits, [...]

Where is my referral?

This week I'm reading The referral engine: Teaching your business how to market itself by John Jantsch, the author who also wrote the well reviewed Duct Tape [...]

Book Review: Talent is Overrated

A friend recommended this book to me months ago, and now that I've finally read it I can see why. It is so common to hear about how people are naturally [...]

Is there a Truth about Leadership?

Have you read The Truth About Leadership by James M Kouzes and Barry Z Posner? I just read my Executive Summary about it, and their 10 fundamental [...]