Toastmasters: Why do you compete?

Recently I competed in the Toastmasters International Speech Contest at the Area level. After all of the speeches, the Contest Master interviewed each of the [...]

Toastmasters D22: Jim Key’s awesome contest training

This last weekend, Jim Key visited the Kansas City metro here in District 22 and delivered what many agreed was an amazing session on Toastmasters Contests. [...]

Winning the Toastmasters Speech Contest

A few years ago, I wrote a post about contest speaking called Why you won't win your contest. This included many of the things I see speaker do at contests all [...]

Toastmasters: Winning your Division Contest

It's been nearly two months since my area contest win, and yesterday I competed in our Division Contest. I was representing my club in the International Speech [...]

Toastmasters: Winning your Area Contest

Just one short week after my club contest win, I competed in our Area Contest. I was representing my club in the International Speech Contest category; I did [...]

Toastmasters: Winning your Club Contest

My club held our International Speech and Table Topics contests yesterday (Thursday). After my District win in the Fall Evaluation Contest, I decided to pursue [...]

Winning the District Evaluation Contest – Toastmasters D22 Conference

What does it take to win a District Evaluation Contest? Before I answer, let's back up a bit. This year was rare for me. For the first time in over six years [...]

Toastmasters: Don’t overdo it

As the Toastmasters contest season is progressing, I've seen some speakers do a few things that may have cost them the win in their club contests. Of course, [...]

Toastmasters: Prepping for your contest

This is a follow-up to my previous post, Why you won't win your contest, which is getting more attention as the Toastmasters contest season [...]

Toastmasters: Why you won’t win your contest

Have you been practicing? Working on your contest speech? Did you manage to win your club, area or division contest? You probably did it one of two ways. [...]