Job Hunting Tips

Job Hunting – Using Toastmasters to Prepare for the Interview, Part II

For In Part 1 of this series, I discussed valuable lessons that came from using prepared speeches to better develop my skills for the job interview process. In [...]

Job Hunting – Using Toastmasters to Prepare for the Interview, Part I

When I first joined Toastmasters in 2005, my goal was to improve my job interview skills. I had served in the US Air Force for nearly 20 years, and had never [...]

Focus on yourself for a better career

At the Toastmasters D44 fall conference, my friend Kene Iloenyosi gave a wonderful keynote on change. While he wasn't focused explicitly on career change, [...]

Toastmasters: 5 Job Interview Tips

Are you looking for some quick tips for your next Job Interview? Take a look at this free video from Toastmasters [...]

Job Hunting Tips: Don’t repeat one year twenty times

For some, 20 years of experience is 20 years of continuously learning new skills, gaining experience and becoming a seasoned specialist in your area of [...]

Job Hunting: Does your Resumé need Pepper?

One important lesson I've learned job-hunting (and getting hired) in this economy is this: Just because I'm only one person doesn't mean I can get by on just [...]

Job Hunting: Discussing Salary

What's the most uncomfortable question you can be asked in the job hunting process? Sometimes, it's "What salary are you looking for?" Of course, the [...]

Job Hunting: Stay Ready

You may have heard the tried and true line, "The best time to look for a job is when you have a job." But is that really all there is to it? If you've found [...]

If you like me, I’ll like you

Recently, I received requests from two people I know to write them recommendations on their LinkedIn profiles. My first thought was, "I haven't done one of [...]

Networking in person

Is everyone out there on LinkedIn? Facebook? Twitter? What about Digg? MySpace? Friendster? Squidoo? Should I go on? After all, there are more. Lots more. [...]