Leadership/Supervision Tips

How Can I Help?

I'm reading Great on the Job, by Jodi Glickman. Early in the book, the author asserts that asking "How can I help?" may cause more problems than it [...]

Edge Summit – Sunday 21 Aug

Have you ever taken in more information that you can process? Some of the notes below may be familiar to you if you've read my blog before, or if you've [...]

LinkedIn: Where Leaders Communicate

Editors Note: This post is an opinion piece on Toastmasters new branding initiative. If I asked you wether you not you had already read the information on [...]

Waiting vs. Failing

Have you ever told your boss, "I'm waiting on [somebody] to get back to me?" The question is, can the boss tell the difference between you waiting and you [...]

Get Motivated – Bill Cosby Style

At the Wichita Get Motivated seminar, Bill Cosby one one of the featured speakers of the day. Much of what he said was fantastic. But was really unique was who [...]

Are you motivated?

Yesterday I mentioned Daniel Pink's freakin' awesome book, Drive. In there he discusses the two types of motivation that we are all familiar with, as well as [...]

Toastmasters: The New CL Manual

Although I waited a week or so before ordering the new CL for myself, I now have a nice, new copy. On first look, I don't mind telling you I like it. That [...]

Too many ideas

I love hearing great ideas. But more than that, I need to hear great ideas backed up with an action plan, a person to lead the charge and a team ready to [...]

Tips for Toastmasters: We Miss You

Just think…how powerful can three words be to a friend that hasn’t attended a recent Toastmasters Meeting? When they are the right three words, like “We [...]

Adult Learning: Pick a day to add a skill

How do you normally move forward in your personal (or professional) development goals? Here is a thought: Pick an hour to block out one evening a week. Call [...]