Public Speaking Tips

Make a Promise

What's the best way to make sure you get across the message you want/need to convey? Simple...Make a Promise. Before you begin writing a single line, the [...]

Less talk…more quotes

Ready for another dose of quality quotes for your fantasy football draft? Here are some that you may find useful, along with one perception of what they [...]

3-dimensional winner

How do you prepare when you're going to give a presentation at work? Imagine that you have a 20 minute talk to give, and your plan is to just step on the stage [...]

Done is more profitable than perfect!

How's that whole "procrastination" thing working out for you? More specifically, do you find yourself letting the pursuit of perfection (even [...]

Not to be confused

If you've ever posted a blog, and then the next day thought "what was that about?", welcome to my day today. Why did I call my post "Ace your Introduction", [...]

Ace your Opening

Imagine yourself standing in front of a room full of people, all waiting for you to begin your presentation. Now imagine that you begin with the words "Did you [...]

Build the Foundation

I had the good fortune to read a survey question recently that asked "if the speaker had stayed on agenda and met his goal". I say good fortune in the same [...]